5 Things That Really Annoy Us in Winters

Even if you are a winter person, there are certain things that even you would fear experiencing. If you are one of the unlucky ones, who have encountered any of these, winter for sure sends a chill down your spine.

While getting into the bed, your toe hits the corner of the woodwork, and that feeling as the whole world has fallen on your nimble toes.

While you enjoyed the warmth of your quilt, and someone came from nowhere to touch your cheeks with their ice-cold hands, and it was like a 1000-volt current has struck you

Accidentally opening the cold water tap instead of the hot one, and felt like being damned

While you tried to cover every inch of your body from the cold, you unknowingly fought for the corner of the quilt to pack yourself like sugar in an air-tight jar

The worst of all – catching an early morning flight or train. Don’t you feel the whole universe has come together to plot against you?

If a Moustache or a glass makes all the difference, imagine furniture. In real life everyone notices. Add life to your space, get furniture of your space

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