5 ways people are successfully trying to save money in India

Penny saved is penny earned and who knows it better than Indians. They would run from one end of the earth to other just to save anything and everything possible within the universe.

We are just trying to identify the 5 most unconventional ways in which we Indian save our money. While some of these ideas will leave you dumbfounded, some will just blossom you into a belly laugh:

  1. Squeezing the tubes till the last drop of the semi-fluid substance is out or cutting into halves – be it a toothpaste tube, shaving cream, face wash, anything for that matter.
  2. Dhaniya (coriander leaves) is your birthright and you will have it for free whenever you buy anything from your vegetable seller be it for a Re 1 purchase. (Image Courtesy: Alamy)

3. Adding water to Shampoo and detergent packs so that there life can be further stretched. Better to say putting them on ventilator before they are reincarnated as storage cans or achieve salvation when the raddi wala picks them up for pew pennies.

4. Your cotton clothes reincarnated into a mopper after they fail to impress others and lose their sheen. Sigh! Who would have thought that costly piece of fabric would end up like this.

5. If blood donation is the best thing that can happen to mankind, combining soap bars/utensil cleaners will definitely come the second best. That bar isn’t over.

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