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Referral Code

Get Rewarded with 500 CF Coins for Every Referral!

Share your Referral Code with friends, both you and your friend get 500 CF Coins.

Your unique Referral Code is ready and waiting for you! paty_icon

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For all other questions regarding Referrals:

Who Can Refer?

Only Cityfurnish customers can use referral program to refer their friends and family.

How Can I Refer?

You can share your referral code on any social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. from our Referral Page or you can even mail your link to your friends and family.

How Can I Use Referral Code?

If you have a referral code, please enter it in the "Referral Code" box while sign-up.

How Can I Claim The Referral Benefit?

The referrer gets a mail notification once their referral code is used by any of their friends. Contact our customer care via email or phone on receipt of notification to get applicable discount. Amount will be adjusted against remaining rental. No cashbacks are permitted against referral benefit.

Is There A Limit On Benefit?

- You can refer as many friends as you want. You get benefit on every successful conversion.
- Referred customer can not club referral benefit with any other offer.

Can I Use My Own Referral Code?

You can not use your own referral code. Cityfurnish reserves the right to revoke referral benefits availed by individuals who share a common address with the referrer.

Other Terms And Conditions

- Referral program is not appliable on fitness equipments and office furniture.
-Referrer should place an order of min 1000 monthly rental to avail benefit of referral program.
-Cityfurnish reserves the right to revoke referral benefits if they were earned against our terms or close the referral program anytime without any prior intimation.