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Rental Agreement

This Subscription Agreement ("Agreement") is made and deemed executed on the date _____________ ("Subscription Date")by the Company at _____________ ("City").

By and Between

Cityfurnish India Private Limited having its registered office at Flat No 31, Ekta Govt. Employees Co- operative Group, Sector 10A , Gurgaon , Haryana 122001 INDIA ("Company").


The individuals identified as _____________________________________________ ("Subscriber"). The Company and the Subscriber shall individually be referred to as 'Party' and collectively as 'Parties'.


The Company is in the business of offering Solutions with respect to home furniture, office furniture, soft furnishings and fitness equipments on subscription basis.

The Subscriber has approached the Company to subscribe to the products and services offered by the Company, and the Company has agreed to provide the same to the Subscriber.

The Parties hereto wish to enter into this Agreement in order to record their mutual understanding.

1. Definition

In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, the following capitalized words and expressions shall bear the meaning ascribed to them here-in-below:

  • "Solution" means the product and services offered by company as part of subscription programme.
  • “Service” means and includes delivery and installation of furniture, furnishing and fitness equipments.
  • “Initial Subscription Period” means the period of ____ months from Subscription Date or such period as amended from time to time on the basis of customer request.
  • "Security Deposit" means the amount deposited with the Company as per the solution provided by the company under the Subscription Programme.
  • "Subscriber" means any person who subscribes for the solution.
  • "Subscription" means the non-exclusive and non-transferable permission by the Company to experience the solution for personal consumption to the Subscriber.
  • "Subscription Fee" means monthly fee charged by the Company towards Subscription of aSolution by the Subscriber.
  • "Subscription Period" shall mean the period for which the Subscriber has taken the Subscription including the Initial Subscription Period.
  • "Subscription Program Documents" shall mean and include this Agreement, invoice and any other document as may be provided by the Company.