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Maximizing Space: 10 Innovative Ways to Increase Storage in Small Apartments

You live in a small apartment. You feel cramped. Claustrophobic. The walls seem to inch closer whenever you acquire something new. Where to put it all? How to maximize every square inch? Take heart. With some clever home decor ideas for small homes, you can transform your space into a storage haven.

Read on for 10 innovative ways to increase storage that go beyond boring old shelves. We’ll explore how to utilize vertical space, opt for multi-functional furniture, hang floating shelves, and more. You’ll discover clever home decor ideas for small homes and tricks to de-clutter your apartment and improve organization. Before you know it, you’ll feel like you live in a palace, not a closet. So get ready to get your storage on. This stuff will blow your mind.

Clever Furniture and Fixtures to Maximize Storage Potential

Under-bed bins and drawers are ideal for stashing out-of-season clothing and linens. Look for models with wheels or sliders for easy access.

1- Utilizing Vertical Space for Additional Storage Capacity

home decor ideas for small homes

Look up—you have unused space along your walls and ceilings that can be transformed into storage. Install shelves, cabinets or racks to make the most of this often overlooked area in small apartments.

Shelving is an easy, space-efficient option. Mount wall shelves for books, decor or bins. Floating shelves create an airy feel and corner shelves utilize awkward angles. For the kitchen, hanging racks or magnetic strips keep items in reach but off counters.

Over-the-door organizers hang on the back of doors, ideal for linens, accessories or pantry goods.

Double your closet space with a second hanging rod, shelving above the door, or shoe racks on the floor and walls. Every inch counts in a small home!

Whether open or enclosed, vertical storage helps maximize your square footage by keeping necessities up and out of the way. Your place will feel more organized and spacious in no time.

2- Multipurpose Room Dividers That Double as Storage Solutions

home decor ideas for small homes

Opt for decorative room dividers that also provide storage space, like open cubbies or cabinets. These double-duty dividers define areas in your small apartment while giving you extra room for items you want to keep accessible but out of the way.

3- Floating shelves for Modern Touch and Additional Smart Storage

Floating shelves offer extra storage space without compromising floorspace. Secure them to walls in key areas like kitchens or bathrooms to hold items you use daily. Their minimal design creates an airy, modern feel while keeping necessities within easy reach.

4- Make Use of The Back of Doors with Over-The-Door Organizers

home decor ideas for small homes

Over-the-door organizers are a simple solution for making use of the back of doors in small spaces. Install shoe racks, accessory holders or cleaning supply caddies to keep items off the floor yet within easy reach.

5- Optimize Your Kitchen Cabinets With Slide-Out Storage Solutions

home decor ideas for small homes

Pull-out shelves and racks in your kitchen cabinets make items in the back easily accessible without rummaging through the entire cabinet. Installing slide-out storage solutions is an efficient way to organize your space and keep everything within easy reach in your small apartment kitchen.

6- Utilizing Under-Bed Space for Extra Linen

Cityfurnish-rented bed-storage-

Storing extra bedding under the bed is an easy way to keep it out of sight but within easy reach. Invest in bed risers or bed lifts to raise your bed a few inches higher, creating more space underneath. This allows you to slide under flat bins, drawers or baskets that hold extra sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. You can also try bed with storage on rent and decide after experimenting for some time.

Not only does this maximize your storage space, but it also keeps these items dust-free and at the ready for quick changes. For a stylish solution, look for matching bins or baskets and label them by contents. When guests arrive or the seasons change, you’ll appreciate having spare linens right where you need them.

7- Corner Shelves or Cabinets for Books and Stuff

corner bookshelf -space saving furniture

Stuffing books and knickknacks into corners maximizes limited space. Corner shelves or cabinets provide a perfect spot for items you don’t use daily but still want accessible.

8- Fold-Down Tables or Desks Provide a Functional Workspace

Invest in furniture that folds down when not in use, like a drop-leaf or gateleg table. These provide a convenient work surface when needed but can be stored out of the way when closed. For small spaces, a fold-down desk attached to the wall is ideal. It supplies a spot for a laptop or paperwork when extended but folds up and out of sight when closed.

9- Magnetic Wall Storage for Interesting Visual Element

Creating a magnetic wall or panel in your kitchen is an innovative way to add storage without taking up valuable counter space. Mounting a sheet of magnetic stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum to your wall allows you to adhere metal items like spice tins, knives, utensils or kitchen tools to the surface. This not only clears clutter from your countertops but also provides an eye-catching display for your metal kitchen accessories.

10- Dual-Purpose Room Dividers to Define Spaces

Use attractive room dividers that also provide storage. Open bookshelves or cabinets built into the divider define spaces while housing books, decor or personal belongings.

Benefits of Small Apartment Storage Solutions

De-cluttered Living Spaces: Efficient storage solutions help maintain a tidy and clutter-free living environment, making your small apartment feel more spacious.

Improved Organization: By having designated storage spaces, it becomes easier to organize and locate your belongings, saving time and reducing stress.

Enhanced Esthetics: Many storage solutions are designed to be visually appealing, adding to the overall esthetic appeal of your small apartment.


At the end of the day, there are so many clever home decor ideas for small homes to help you maximize every nook and cranny in your small apartment. Getting creative with storage solutions helps you keep clutter at bay and make the most of the precious space you have. When you implement even just a few of these innovative ideas, you’ll be amazed by how much more organized and livable your apartment feels. Trust me, with a little ingenuity, you can transform your small apartment into a highly functional home that reflects your personal style. So go ahead – get inspired and start finding home decor ideas for small homes to gain back those valuable extra square feet! You got this!


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