Cityfurnish is open for Guest Posting. We are a leading furniture and appliances rental company. If you are looking to write for us, here is a great place to implement everything you know about furniture and appliances renting, home design & decor, home improvement, DIY & crafts, interior design. However, we have some guidelines that you have to follow for your article to get approved.


  • We never accept any articles for marketing purpose only
  • Your topic must be related to the accepted categories
  • The topic must be unique and never been written anywhere
  • Include value to your content
  • You extremely understand what you write
  • Basic grammar knowledge
  • Informational articles, no promotional purpose.
  • 800-1500 word limit
  • Internal links to our existing posts
  • Multimedia in each post
  • Max 2 external links per post

Once you have fulfilled the requirements above, you may contact us at It would be our pleasure to check your article and publish it at

Why write for us?

This is a free opportunity. You should write for us if you want to:

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