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How Do I Choose The Right Artwork For My Walls?

Have you been staring at those bare walls in your home and wondering how to make them more inviting? Choosing artwork for your wall decor can be challenging, but also exciting. Where do you even start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We created a comprehensive guide to help you find beautiful and meaningful pieces that will transform your rooms.

1. Consider Your Decor Theme:

wall decor ideas

When choosing art for your walls, consider your overall decor theme first. Do you have a minimal modern style or prefer an eclectic bohemian vibe? Selecting pieces that complement your current furnishings and color scheme will make your space cohesive.

Your decor theme provides the foundation for selecting artwork for your wall decor. Choosing pieces with a similar style, color palette, or subject matter helps create a cohesive look. Don’t be afraid to mix genres or mediums, just ensure there is a common thread tying it all together.

2. Take Furniture into Account:

wall decor ideas

When choosing art for your walls, consider the furniture in the room. Large pieces require bigger art to balance the space, while small furnishings work with smaller pieces. Groupings of art also complement larger sofas or sectionals.

Mixing up shapes, from round mirrors to square prints to rectangular paintings, creates an eclectic gallery feel. Just be sure to leave some negative space between pieces so the arrangement doesn’t feel cluttered. And remember, art should be at eye level for the best viewing experience.

3. Importance of Wall Paint and Lighting in Wall Decor:

The color and brightness of your walls and lighting fixtures play an important role in how artwork for your wall decor will appear in the space.

Dark walls

wall decor ideas

Dark walls create drama and contrast, allowing artwork for your wall decor to pop. Spotlights or wall sconces that illuminate the art will make it the focal point.

Light walls

Light, neutral walls provide a clean backdrop for bold or colorful pieces. Overhead lighting, table and floor lamps will brighten the entire space, allowing details in the art to shine through.

4. Size and Placement:

wall decor ideas

The size and placement of artwork for your wall decor is key to pulling a room together. Go bold with a large statement piece as a focal point, or create visual depth with a gallery wall of smaller pieces.

5. Reflect Personal Taste:

wall decor ideas

Choose artwork for your wall decor that reflects your personal taste and style. If you have an eclectic sense of style, look for pieces that showcase that. If you prefer minimalism, stick to simple pieces with clean lines. Don’t be afraid to mix styles – a gallery wall with a combination of modern prints, vintage posters and family photos can be stunning. Your home should be filled with things that make you happy, so buy what you love!

6. Mix and Match Wall Decor:

wall decor ideas

Mixing different styles of art in one space creates an eclectic, curated feel. Try pairing a contemporary photograph with a vintage poster, or a colorful abstract piece with a black and white landscape. Combining pieces of various subjects, mediums and time periods makes a creative statement. Start with one focal piece you love, then choose complementary works that share a similar color palette or theme.

7. Create a Gallery Wall:

wall decor ideas

To create an eye-catching gallery wall, start by selecting a focal piece of art to build around. This could be your largest or most interesting piece. Arrange your artwork for your wall decor on the floor before hanging to achieve optimal placement. Stand back frequently to ensure an balanced, pleasing composition.

8. Frames as Wall Decor:

wall decor ideas

When choosing frames, go for high quality over low cost. Cheap frames may warp or fade over time and damage your art. Opt for archival-safe materials like wood, metal or acrylic. For valuable pieces, museum-grade framing using UV-protective glazing prevents fading.

Read for more home decor ideas: https://cityfurnish.com/blog/how-to-decorate-small-living-room

9. Budget and Investment for Wall Decor:

When determining your budget for artwork for your wall decor, think about your intentions. Are you looking to invest in pieces that may appreciate over time, or simply decorate affordably?

For investment pieces, buy the best quality you can afford from up-and-coming artists. Do research to determine fair prices for the artist and medium. Galleries, art fairs, and online sites like Artsy and Artfinder are great for discovering new talent.

If decorating on a budget, consider prints, posters, or reproductions of famous works. Ikea, AllPosters, and Wayfair offer trendy options under $50. Thrift stores and yard sales frequently have original art at a steal.

Framing also impacts cost. Simple metal or wood frames are most affordable. Or, frame only select pieces and float mount or gallery wall the rest.

With some hunting, you can find statement pieces on any budget. The most important thing is choosing art that sparks joy.

10. Trust Your Instincts:

Trust your instincts when choosing artwork for your wall decor. Go with pieces that speak to you and reflect your personal tastes. Don’t worry about sticking strictly to a theme or following the latest trends. Your home should be filled with things you genuinely love – and that includes the art on your walls!

Take Away

So there you have it, 10 tips to help you choose artwork for your wall decor that will make your space sing. At the end of the day, you have to go with what feels right for you and your home. Don’t be afraid to take risks – that’s what makes decorating fun. Mixing styles, sizes and subjects in an artfully haphazard way can lead to some really stunning results. And remember, there’s no “right” way to decorate your walls. Let your space and your artwork of your wall decor speak to you, then listen to what they have to say. You’ll end up with a collection of pieces you’ll love for years to come. Now get out there, unleash your inner decorator, and happy hunting! The perfect pieces are waiting to be discovered.


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