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Why More Individuals Opt for RO on Rent in Faridabad?

In the heart of Haryana, Faridabad has emerged as a bustling urban landscape, grappling with the challenges and opportunities of rapid urbanization. Among the myriad of urban living challenges, access to clean drinking water stands out as a critical concern for its residents.

This necessity has propelled the trend of securing Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems on rent, a solution gaining traction for its practicality, cost-efficiency, and health benefits.

Many households in Faridabad are using Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems due to water pollution. Here at Cityfurnish , we offers an affordable solution for appliance rental needs, including water purifier on rent in faridabad . Access clean drinking water without owning the system.

Why Renting RO Water Purifiers for Home Use?

  • Authentic Products: Renting RO water purifiers ensures access to authentic, branded products, guaranteeing the best quality of purification for your home.
  • Installation Address Flexibility: Regardless of your installation address, our service covers the setup and installation, ensuring you have access to purified water in any part of your home.
  • Adaptability to Types of Water: Our purifiers are versatile, and designed to treat and purify various types of water, ensuring you always have access to safe drinking water.
  • Guaranteed Safe Drinking Water: Renting an RO water purifier means you’re always assured of safe, clean, and healthy drinking water, free from contaminants.
  • Efficient Collection of Water: With a built-in storage tank, our water purifiers ensure a constant collection and supply of purified water, ready to drink anytime.
  • Maintenance by Experienced Professionals: Our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to provide maintenance and support, ensuring your purifier operates efficiently.
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction: Choosing purifiers on rent comes with the assurance of high user satisfaction, thanks to quality service and superior product performance.
ro on rent

Maintenance and Repair Services for Specific RO Water Purifier Models

At Cityfurnish, we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services for a wide range of RO water purifier models. Our commitment to ensuring your access to clean and safe drinking water is reflected in our detailed service offerings for specific models, handled by our team of experienced professionals.

  • Model: Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV+TDS

    • Services Offered:
      • Quarterly maintenance checks
      • Filter replacement services
      • UV lamp replacement
      • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level adjustments
      • Emergency repair services
  • Model: Kent Grand Plus

    • Services Offered:
      • Bi-annual filter changes
      • RO membrane inspection and replacement
      • Storage tank cleaning and sanitization
      • On-call repair services for any malfunction
  • Model: Livpure Water Purifier

    • Services Offered:
      • Annual comprehensive maintenance package
      • Pre and post-filter replacement on demand
      • Germkill kit replacement
      • UV lamp and RO membrane replacement as per usage
  • Model: Havells Max 7-litres RO UV

    • Services Offered:
      • Semi-annual maintenance visits
      • Sediment filter, activated carbon filter replacement
      • UV lamp check and replacement
      • RO membrane efficiency testing and replacement
  • Model: AO Smith Z8

    • Services Offered:
      • Hot water tank maintenance and descaling
      • Advanced recovery technology maintenance for enhanced water-saving
      • Mineralizer technology maintenance to add essential minerals
      • Filter and RO membrane replacement based on water quality analysis.

Top RO Water Purifier Brands

  1. Aquaguard: Aquaguard offers a comprehensive range of RO+UV water purifiers equipped with advanced technologies like Mineral Guard and Biotron Cartridge that not only purify water but also retain essential minerals.
  2. Kent: Kent is renowned for its patented Mineral RO Technology that ensures the removal of all contaminants while maintaining essential natural minerals in the water, offering double purification of RO + UV/UF.
  3. Pureit: Pureit by Unilever boasts innovative purifiers with Purity Indicators, providing not just purified water but also ensuring peace of mind regarding the quality of water being consumed.
  4. Havells: Havells steps up with its unique range of RO+UV purifiers that feature smart design and innovative technologies like revitalizer which restructures water molecules for improved hydration and mineral absorption.
  5. AO Smith: AO Smith distinguishes itself with RO purifiers that offer MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) which adds essential minerals back to the purified water, ensuring the water tastes fresh and natural.
water purifier rentals

Which option is best for you?

The process of selecting the most suitable RO water purifier involves an in-depth analysis of your exact water purification requirements, your lifestyle as well as your budget. Those who are concerned with water contamination issues residing in higher levels can trust brands like Kent and Aquaguard given the way they utilize an array of RO+UV+UF purification technologies that take every drop of water to be safe and pure.

Healthy consumers seeking the nutritional benefits of water, who look at A0 Smith and Kent as the brands with innovation in the reconstruction of the minerals lost during the purification process, make serious choices between the brands.

However, tech-friendly users may prefer the advanced features of Pureit and Havells which bring innovations to your kitchen with water quality indicators and revitalizers to aid drink the water even better. 

Such top brands have the best quality and different price ranges to please everybody. However, finding the best one is the choice depending on whether it is going to help you for your immediate needs as well as in the long run on your health and wellness.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the journey for the ideal RO water purifier is very personal and it is driven by different factors including local water quality, health priorities, budget constraints, and the desire to own the well-refined technological gadget.

 For example, brands like Kent, Primer water purifer , Aquaguard, AO Smith, Pureit, and Havells provide features that are suitable to these various needs in the market, from advanced purification technology to mineral-fortified systems as well as smart functionality.

Making a smart choice implies that the different components need to be balanced properly to deliver the water purifier, not only does it keep the promise of water that is clean and safe, but it also improves the general welfare of you and your entire family.

Ultimately, the best choice is the one that will naturally fit into your life rhythm and will deliver anxiety-relieving and health-promoting benefits in every sip.


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