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7 Tips to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home

Do you enjoy inviting your friends around for a night of fun? Do you have a spare room that you have never really paid that much attention to? Are you at a loss on how to liven up your guest room?

If so, consider spending the night in your own guest room. A problem that was previously just theoretical may now become real because then you can see what your guests experience and what is missing in that guest room. Regardless of however many days a guest spends with you, they should feel at ease and at home.

So, when you think of creating a guest room, focus on establishing an environment that is calming and welcoming. A room that feels like a second home to your visitors to guarantee they have a great and memorable experience. Whether it’s guest room furniture, the lighting, or other elements in the room. When you offer an appealing and soothing environment for your visitors, you express your hospitality & nurture them.

If you want to turn your boring guest room into a warm and welcoming space, you’ve come to the correct place. Here are 7 tips to help you make your guest room feel like home.

Focus On the Room’s Bedding

Nothing says “relax” like a bed draped in silky linen and piled high with extra-comfy pillows. It’s generally a good idea to give two pillows per individual for maximum comfort. Additionally, when designing your guest room, utilize your hands as well as your eyes.

While your guest room’s aesthetics are important, the color and pattern of the fabric you pick may add originality and make your home appear dynamic. Give your guests more than they need, whether it’s linen, pillows, or a blanket.

With people spending one-third of their lives sleeping, a comfy and inviting bed is the ideal way to welcome visitors. And if you’re concerned about the budget and think that spending that much on a guest room is not feasible, you can always choose to take the furniture on rent, which is much more affordable.

Make a Space for Storing Items

It’s not like going to a luxurious hotel when somebody stays at your house. However, there are a few things you may do to improve your guest’s experience. Your visitors are likely to bring an additional pair of clothing, shoes, and other everyday usage items, based on the duration of their stay. They may also carry toiletries & cosmetics with them.

Make sure your guest room provides a variety of options to manage your guests’ possessions. Provide a storage space for your visitors to organize their items to save them searching through their suitcase every time they need anything. This could be a bedside table or a chest of drawers. For this, you can check out this affordable storage cabinet on rent.

Provide an Extra Place to Sit and Relax

Believe it or not but some people actually despise sitting on a bed. And obviously you should not make your guests do so. Moreover, a bed shouldn’t be the only place to sit in a room. Provide a place to sit and rest if space allows. You may do this by placing a chair in the corner.

Combine it with a plush throw cushion and a footrest to create an opulent effect in your guest room. You may add a side chair or a cushioned armchair with a small table near the bed to give another space to rest. That if, of course, if you have enough space in the room. If your guest room is small, a simple chair would be perfectly fine for the guest to sit and be comfortable.

Keep a Bedside Table

Without a bedside table, any guest room is incomplete. It’s just as essential as the bed since it provides extra room for your visitors to put small things like a book, glass of water, phone, any cables, and spectacles. An all-purpose aesthetics bedside table is essential for providing a modern style without sacrificing comfort. A tiny table right next to the bed is both practical and elegant.

Bedside tables are ideal for storing a night lamp whilst reading a book before going to bed. It acts as a bed anchor for your guests and provides additional storage space for them. Cityfurnish offer you nice and stylish bedside table on rent at affordable rates.

Install Accessible Power Outlets

Nowadays, practically everyone has a mobile and other electrical gadget that need to be charged overnight. If your guests have to crawl or bend down to reach a power outlet, they may become dissatisfied. Remove all electrical outlets concealed under desks and nightstands while decorating your room. Instead, put the plugs on the nightstand, the bathroom counter, and the desk or table if there is any.

The last thing you want is an exhausted guest looking for power sockets only to discover that there are none available. If needed, supply at least 2-3 power sockets because your guests may need to charge more than just one electronic item.

Choose the Guest Room’s Theme

The greatest approach to design a room & make it aesthetically pleasing is to choose and keep to a décor theme. If you go with a white and black pattern, attempt to coordinate the towels & bedsheets or blankets. Try coordinating the bedsheets and pillowcases to the theme as well.

Choose a theme that you care about. A theme that reflects your taste and style and surround it with items that will raise your and your guests’ spirits every time they enter that guest room. Choose the room’s color pallet according to the theme, which suits or matches the guest room furniture. It shouldn’t be that dark if there is no window because that will just dull the room down.

Apart from furniture and paint, keep the lighting of the room in mind. There should be adequate lighting in the room.

Entertainment Center or Refreshment Station

A television in the guest room is really welcomed. Remember to keep the remote control close to the bed so the guests don’t have to get out of their bed to turn it off or on.

Include a refreshment station i.e., snacks in the room—a it’s kind touch that your guests won’t have expected but they will definitely love it. If you have even a little space on a bedside table or dressing table, providing your guests with a jug filled with coffee, or some other small snacks that they can munch on can make them feel wonderfully treated.

Apart from this, good aroma in the room would be a cherry on top! Try adding some nice candles that would add a really nice smell in the room that would make your guests feel at ease. But keep it soft and subtle.

Final Words

There is nothing more fulfilling than designing a room that seems like a warm and welcoming second home.

Make the most of it by fastening your seatbelts and freshening up the guest bedroom before your guests arrive. You will have no trouble finding ideas to improve your guest room, but be careful not to overcrowd or compress the space.

If you have a small room, do not add too many things into it and make it congested. If you have a slightly bigger room, you can always include addons like chairs, coffee table, etc.

Cityfurnish is here to help you make your guest room feel like home for your guests. Cityfurnish offers you stylish and high-quality furniture on rent at extremely affordable prices. Check out the website for hassle free shopping of guest room furniture!


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