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Enhance Your TV Experience: Smart TV Tips and Tricks

Ever noticed the difference between the TV’s picture quality when it’s at the retailer’s store and when you take the Smart TV home? Like, you get blown away when you are seeing the visuals on the TV at the store but when you play the TV at home, there’s something off – the experience is not the same, the picture quality is not the same or somehow, even the sound doesn’t seem as good as it did in the store? Don’t worry! It’s not you or your new Smart TV. The TV just needs a little bit of tweaking for you to get the most of it. And no, you don’t need to be professionally trained or to be an engineer to pull this off.

All right, let’s jump right into it then. Here are some tips and tricks to help you enhance your TV’s viewing experience by optimizing the picture and sound of your TV

Check the Box or Cables Connected to Smart TV

The first step to enhancing your TV’s picture quality is to make sure that the cable, set-top or satellite box connected to your TV is not of poor quality. Rather, it should be of the best quality (that you can afford). The better quality your cable or satellite box is, the better the picture quality of your TV would be. If you haven’t bought or rented any box in years, then make sure that the one you’re about to get is high-definition i.e., HD receiver. If you can get a 4K box, that would be even great. If you prefer online streaming – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ etc., make sure your internet is fast enough to give you smooth streaming. Further, use an only HDMI cable for audio and video.

Adjust Contrast and Brightness of Your Smart TV

While many people would not agree to this, and that includes even some of the audio-video enthusiasts, that the picture quality of a TV can be greatly improved by turning up the contrast and reducing the brightness of the TV. Contrast to the full and brightness about below half. This is a trick that makes the blacks even blacker and other colours richer. It also eliminates the washed-out look that some entry-level TVs have. Sometimes new TV units are set at high brightness by default, which is what you see in the big store when you visit to buy. But you can change the settings easily and enhance the picture quality.

Calibration Tool for Smart TV

Why hire someone and spend a couple of hundred bucks when you can get the calibration tool bundled with other OTT subscriptions like Disney or Pixar discs etc. You can find it in the set-up or special features area of your disc. It’s a free tune-up app. Let the wizard calibrate your TV’s audio and video settings. You can go through brightness, contrast, tint, colour, aspect ratio, speaker alignment and phase etc.

Check the “Soap-Opera” Effect on Your TV

One more thing that you need to change in your TV’s setting is the soap opera effect. Check if the soap-opera effect is on or off. While the HD or 4K picture looks sharp – there might be something odd in the picture quality. You may not be able to put a finger on it or point it out properly but it makes the TV shows or movies look as if they were shot on a cheap camcorder and not on a high-end video recording camera.

What this soap opera effect does is smoothen the motions, decreasing the motion blur and making movements seem smoother or more life-like. Your new smart TV might see a lower frame-rate source material and then try to fill in those gaps between the frames with the additional ones that the TV generates to help smoothen the fast motions. If you do not like this, you can turn off the soap opera effect from the TV settings or maybe adjust its intensity.

Screen to Body Ratio of the TV

How far you sit from your TV is another factor that you need to consider while changing the settings. With a 60 inch HD Smart TV, you can sit 8 to 13 feet from the screen. However, a 4K Ultra HD TV’s high pixel density allows you to sit at least 30% closer to the TV as compared to the HDTV. While buying of getting the Smart TV on rent, measure the wall’s space. You can use a painter’s tape to measure the space where you would like to hang the TV. The bigger the TV, the better. However, it all boils down to your space, room size and budget.

Improving Sound of the Smart TV

Many people add the sound systems to their room to improve the sound quality – this may include the audio-video receiver and a minimum of six speakers. This type of sound system is called the 5.1 system – the point -1 is the low-frequency subwoofer that is most often placed in the corner of the room. The other five speakers are in the front, left and right audio – front, rear and the centre. This sits just above or below the TV. If you don’t have the budget to get a proper and good quality sound system, consider having one of the sound bars to add some more boom to your space. Place the sound bar just below the TV to stimulate the sound.


In today’s world, a TV has become sort of a necessity in each household without which the space feels incomplete. TVs come under high-end gadgets and are highly expensive but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on buying them and then subscribing to various other services to improve your viewing experience. You can simply take the Smart TV on rent and save a huge chunk of money and get the other services like delivery, pickup, maintenance for free.

However, if you really are into all the online streaming OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ etc., you would need to pay a premium amount for those services. The alternative to this is getting the amazon prime stick or some other viewing stick and stream whatever you want on your Smart TV.

We hope these tips and tricks to enhance your TV’s picture and sound quality helps you get the best viewing experience. If you’re looking to get a Smart TV on rent, browse through our website for a wide range of home appliances and place the order within seconds without any hassle!


  • Alpana Gupta

    Meet Alpana Gupta, an accomplished blog writer and publisher known for her insightful content and captivating writing style. With a passion for diverse topics, Alpana brings a unique perspective to every piece, creating engaging and informative articles that resonate with readers. Explore a world of knowledge and creativity through Alpana's expertise

Alpana Gupta

Meet Alpana Gupta, an accomplished blog writer and publisher known for her insightful content and captivating writing style. With a passion for diverse topics, Alpana brings a unique perspective to every piece, creating engaging and informative articles that resonate with readers. Explore a world of knowledge and creativity through Alpana's expertise

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