7 Summer Hacks To Make You Feel Better

Coping up with the summer bites? The Indian summer is infamous for its rude nature. Sadly it lasts a long time and the month of May is just the beginning so if you are already tired, better luck. However, to help you stay cool, we have compiled a list of essential summer hacks.

1- Soft Ice Cream Each Time:

Love ice cream but it gets hard topped with unfriendly ice crystals those ruin the taste. The solution is simple, keep the ice cream in a Ziplock bag before storing it in the freezer. The bag will keep the ice cream soft and will also prevent the formation of tiny ice crystals. This also helps in storing the ice cream for a longer duration.

Don’t worry if you are wondering where to buy a  refrigerator from, we can help you with that. Simply rent a refrigerator, it’s simple easy and hassle-free. Rent fridge and you can escape the heavy-lifting.
Ice Cream

2- Frozen Aloe Vera: Best Summer Hack for Skin

The unique healing quality of aloe vera is second to none. Aloe vera gel can be a real savior for your sun tortured skin during summer. To make the whole experience cooler and effortless, store aloe vera gel in ice trays or ziplock bags. Simply squeeze the leaves and store some gel. It can soothe your sunburns and prevent peeling.

7 Summer Hacks To Make You Feel Better

3- Cross Ventilate: Cool House in Hot Summer

Opening windows at opposite ends can enable cross ventilation. Make arrangements if you have such setting to and a cool breeze will prevail inside your room. Cross-ventilation at the right time can bring down the room temperature drastically. Early morning time and the time between 7 Pm to 10 Pm in the evening are best as the air is cool at this time.
7 Summer Hacks To Make You Feel Better

4- Keep Rooms Dark: Easy Summer Hack

Keeping your rooms dark during the afternoon can dramatically lower the room temperature. Use dark curtains and keep them shut during the warmest hours of the day.
7 Summer Hacks To Make You Feel Better

5- Cool Pillow: Sleep Cool

It’s a quick win if you want to quickly doze off and forget about the uncomfortable heat. Put your pillow in a plastic bag and place in in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. It will create a temporary but pleasant cooling effect.
7 Summer Hacks To Make You Feel Better

6-Frozen Curd: Yummy Summer Hack

Mix curd with fruit slices, chocolate, or even oreo and let it freeze. You can even use a popsicle to make it easier to handle. Healthy, refreshing and light dessert ready to be served at any time of the day.

7 Summer Hacks To Make You Feel Better

7-Watermelon popsicles: Kid’s Favourite 

Watermelons are great summer food loaded with nutrients and vitamins. It is a great coolant too.  Ever tried  Watermelon popsicles? Simply place fresh watermelon slices in the freezer with popsicle sticks in the rind.
7 Summer Hacks To Make You Feel Better
If the scorching heat is bothering you, worry not – ‘Handle it like a boss’,  it’s here to stay for few more months. Try these summer hacks and do share in the comment section about your favourite summer hack.

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