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How to Furnish a Small Apartment: Smart Tips and Ideas

Decorating a small flat can be a big challenge. You want to make sure it looks as spacious and comfortable as possible, without draining your pocket empty. 

From choosing the right furniture pieces that fit with your space, to using multi-functional pieces that will maximise your square footage, making it artistic yet comfortable for everybody- so many things to keep in mind while browsing through the flood of options that are available in the market. The whole process can create a lot of confusion. But no worries, after doing a lot of research we drew a strategy that can help you immensely. So let’s get started!

A- Strategies for Furnishing a Small Flat:

When it comes to furnishing a small flat, using space wisely without compromising on our choices and requirements is the biggest challenge.But with the right strategies, even a tiny living space can be transformed into a comfortable and functional home. 

Let’s explore some effective strategies for furnishing a small flat that maximise space, optimise storage, and create a cozy atmosphere.

1. Prioritise Multi-Functional Furniture

When space is limited, every piece of furniture counts. Opt for multi-functional furniture that serves more than one purpose. A sofa bed, for instance, can double as a guest bed, while a coffee table with built-in storage can provide a place to store books and magazines.

2. Invest in Space-Saving Storage Solutions

Storage is key when it comes to furnishing a small flat. Invest in space-saving storage solutions such as wall-mounted shelves, under-bed storage containers, and hanging organisers. Look for furniture that incorporates storage into its design, such as ottomans with built-in storage.

3. Make Use of Vertical Space

Utilise walls by installing shelving, hooks, and other storage solutions. Consider hanging plants and artwork to add visual interest while saving floor space. When floor space is limited, using vertical space is not only smart but it is cost effective and artistic too.

4. Embrace Minimalism

When it comes to small living spaces, less is often more. Embrace minimalism by paring down possessions and keeping decor simple. Opt for a neutral colour scheme and limit patterns and prints to a few statement pieces.

5. Dividing the house into Zones

Creating zones in a small flat can help define different areas and make the space feel larger. Use area rugs, screens, or even furniture to separate different zones such as a living area, dining area, and workspace.

6. Opt for Light Colours

Light colours can help make a small space feel brighter and more open. Opt for light-coloured walls, floors, and furniture. Use accents of bright colours to add pops of interest without overwhelming the space.

7. Let in Natural Light

Maximise natural light to make a small flat feel more open and airy. Avoid heavy curtains or blinds that can block light. Use sheer or light-coloured curtains to allow light to filter through.

8. Choose Furniture with Legs

Furniture with legs can help create a sense of space in a small flat. Look for sofas, chairs, and tables with exposed legs that allow light to pass underneath.

9. Use Mirrors

Mirrors can help create the illusion of space in a small flat. Use mirrors to reflect light and make the space feel brighter. Consider a large floor mirror or a gallery wall of small mirrors to create visual interest.

10. Incorporate Vertical Gardens

Use hanging planters or a living wall to create a natural focal point. It can help bring the outdoors inside and add visual interest to a small flat.

11. Consider Foldable Furniture

Foldable furniture such as tables and chairs can be a great solution for a small flat because when not in use, they can be easily stored away to maximise space.

12. Be Creative with Storage

Look for unexpected storage solutions such as using a hanging shoe organiser to store cleaning supplies, or using a magazine rack to store pot lids.

13. Use Furniture to Define Spaces

Use a bookcase or sofa to separate a living area from a dining area, or a desk to separate a workspace from a sleeping area. This will create sections in your home and help you organise better. 

14. Create Visual Interest with Textures

In a small flat, textures can help create visual interest without overwhelming the space. Use textured wall or rugs to create an extra layer of visual interest. 

15. Keep it Cozy

In a small flat, creating a cozy atmosphere can make the space feel welcoming and comfortable. Use soft lighting, plush rugs, and throw blankets to add warmth and texture to the space.

B- Sizing and Placement of Furniture:

While furnishing a small apartment, choosing the correct size furniture is crucial other your place can look easily cramped. Your goal is to make the space feel spacious and inviting without compromising on functionality or style.

Choosing compact and space-saving furniture is an additional feature you can easily add to your home.  

Look for multi-functional pieces such as ottomans that double as storage, or coffee tables with drawers. Avoid clutter by keeping furniture to the absolute essentials – think one sofa, one armchair and a small side table – and investing in slimline units with adjustable shelving for extra storage.

Placement is just as important as size when it comes to making a space feel bigger. Try pushing larger items away from the wall to give an illusion of more space, leaving enough room for an area rug if possible. When it comes to display areas like mantels and shelves, avoid overcrowding them with objects – less is more!

C- Multi-Functional Furniture for Small Flats:

Having furniture that can pull double duty is an absolute must for small flats. Fortunately, there are lots of cleverly designed, multi-functional pieces of furniture available on the market.

For example, you could use a storage bed. You can store all your linen without disturbing your sleep. You have a corner in which you aren’t sure what you want to keep, fill that awkward corner space with a corner book shelf or small storage unit! If you want to get really fancy, search online or ask your local furniture store if they can custom build a couch with a built-in storage compartment underneath – perfect for extra blankets and pillows!

Another great hack is using ottomans with a removable top as additional seating or occasional tables. They stack easily when not in use and come in all shapes, sizes and colours so finding one that fits your decor won’t be an issue.

If your small flat has limited room for drawers and shelves, think about wall mounted shelving. 

This will give you the extra space you need without taking up precious room on the floor, plus it’s perfect for displaying art or photos as well!

D- How Colours, Lighting and Textures Work Together in a Small Flat?:

When it comes to furnishing a small flat, the key is to choose colours, lighting and textures that work together. The right combination can make your space look bigger, brighter and give it a more spacious feel.

1. Colors

The first thing you should consider is colour. Darker colours can make a room look smaller, so try to avoid them as much as possible. Opt instead for light-coloured walls and furnishings — they will help make the walls appear further away, creating the illusion of more space.

2. Light

Make sure your small flat gets plenty of natural light during the day. If you don’t get enough sunlight in your home, opt for artificial lighting that does not take up too much space. Hanging lights or wall-mounted lamps are great for illuminating specific areas without sacrificing floor or table space.

3. Textures

Textures are an important part of making a small flat look larger! Use tactile materials like stone, wood and metal to create visual interest in your space — they will help break up large openings while adding dimension and depth to the room. Mirrors are also a great way to reflect light and make small flats look bigger!

E- How to Make the Most of Storage Space in a Small Flat?:

When it comes to furnishing a small flat, smart storage solutions can go a long way. The key is to make the most of the space you have and intentionally choose pieces of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Look for furniture that is multi-functional or has extra storage capabilities. Here are some ideas:

1. Bookshelves

Opting for narrow but tall bookshelves can give you all the room you need for books, plants, or decorative pieces without taking up space that could be used for other purposes. You can even use a bookcase as a room divider to open up more space while also creating defined seating areas.

2. Ottomans

An ottoman is an essential piece of furniture when it comes to furnishing a small flat because it provides both seating and storage space in one item. An ottoman with built-in storage is an ideal way to store all of your extra items like blankets, books, movies, and more while still maintaining an elegant look.

3. Coffee Tables

A coffee table with hidden drawers or shelves can act as both a conversation piece and an additional place to store items. This will give you more room to stow away clutter while also allowing you to keep your living room looking cozy and inviting.

Creating enough storage in your small flat doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, just remember to look for pieces that will help create a functional, cohesive design. With thoughtful choices, your small flat can become comfortable yet spacious!

F- How to create ample of seating area in a small flat?

Even if your flat is small, you can still create ample of seating area. The key to doing this is to pick furniture pieces that are multi-functional and provide value for your money.

1. Multi-functional Furniture Pieces

Look for furniture pieces that can serve more than one purpose—for instance, get a futon that can be converted from a couch to a bed. You can also invest in an ottoman with storage, or opt for a bench with built-in storage. Other options include sectional couches, sleeper sofas and daybeds.

2. Think Vertically

Take advantage of vertical space by investing in tall cabinets, shelving units and bookcases. You can also use wall mounts to free up some space on the floor—for example, a wall mount desk or a wall mount shelf unit will provide you with extra work and storage space without taking up too much room.

3. Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your walls will help give the illusion of more space by reflecting light back into the room. You could also consider adding some reflective surfaces like glass tables or metallic accents—these will add light and interest to the room while giving it an airy feel.

Finally, when furnishing your small flat make sure you opt for items that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing for the most stylish yet functional look possible!

G- How to maintain an organised and fully-equipped kitchen in small flat?

Believe it or not, you can maintain an organised and fully-equipped kitchen in a small flat. It just takes a little bit of creativity. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Smart space-saving furnishings

Chances are, your small flat kitchen won’t have a lot of counter space. Take advantage of the available space by investing in vertical shelving and furniture that can be stacked. For example, stackable chairs or stools can be stored neatly under the table when they are not in use. You might also look for foldable furniture that you can easily store away when it’s not being used.

2. Multi-purpose items

Think about items that can serve multiple purposes in your kitchen. For instance, an ottoman that doubles as storage space provides additional seating when there’s company as well as extra storage for items like towels and spices when not in use. Look for other multi-purpose items like fold-out tables and built-in shelves to maximise the space while still providing all of the necessary items for cooking and storage.

3. Maximize storage

Take advantage of all available nooks and crannies to stow away cookware and other kitchen items. Hooks are great for hanging mugs or utensils, while baskets installed on cabinet doors can be used to store food wrap, paper towels, cleaning supplies or spices. You might also look for clever accessories like magnetic knife racks or expandable spice racks that don’t take up too much room but still provide plenty of storage options. With a bit of creativity, you’ll find it is possible to create a functional kitchen even with limited space!

H- How to create a kid’s area in a small flat?

Creating a space for your kids in a small flat doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your space while still giving your kid somewhere to play, study and relax.

1. Maximise Vertical Space

Make use of vertical shelving and storage units to create more living space. Choose narrow, wall-mounted shelving units and cabinets to store toys, books and other kid-friendly items without taking up too much floor area.

2. Buy Multi-Functional Furniture

Opt for multi-functional pieces like bunk beds or trundle beds that can be used as extra seating or storage when not in use by kids. This type of furniture is great for making the most out of a limited amount of space—you can use it when needed, and then tuck it away when not in use.

3. Think Outside the Box

Instead of buying new furniture for your kid’s area, why not get creative with what you already have? For example, an old bookcase can easily double as a playhouse or den; an ottoman can be used as a makeshift fort; and an old trunk can provide plenty of storage options.

Once you’ve picked out some sensible furniture and creative ideas, it’s time to spruce up the space with fun accessories like colourful cushions, bean bags and blankets to make it more inviting for your kids. With these tips in mind, you’ll soon have an awesome kid’s space in no time!

I- How to create a rest corner in a small flat?

One of the key things you can do to make a small flat look bigger is to create smaller zones and corners. For example, instead of cramming a sofa, chairs and coffee table into one section of the flat, why not create a separate corner for relaxation? That way, you can define ‘rooms’ within your flat that give it a more spacious feel.

You don’t have to spend a lot to create this rest corner. All you need is a soft armchair or two, a couple of throw pillows, a cozy blanket or two and bookshelves/storage if you want more. 

Placing the armchair in front of or beside your window can make it even cozier—just add some outdoor seating cushions and you’ve got an outdoor seating area in your own home! You can add extra pieces like bookshelves for extra storage, or some scented candles around you for added ambiance. Now you have an area to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

Furnishing a small flat can be a challenge. Though at the same time, it can be a creative roller-coaster that can turn out to be the most thrilling project of your life.

So don’t hesitate and go all in. Try to visualise, design in advance and go for it. Happy decorating. 


  • How can I maximise space in a small flat?
  • Prioritise multi-functional furniture, invest in space-saving storage solutions, and make use of vertical space.
  • What colour scheme is best for a small flat?
  • Opt for light colours on walls, floors, and furniture to make the space feel brighter and more open.
  • How can I create zones in a small flat?
  • Use area rugs, screens, or furniture to separate different areas such as a living area, dining area, and workspace.
  • What are some unexpected storage solutions for a small flat?
  • Use a hanging shoe organiser to store cleaning supplies, or a magazine rack to store pot lids.
  • How can I create a cozy atmosphere in a small flat?
  • Use soft lighting, plush rugs, and throw blankets to add warmth and texture to the space.


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Alpana Gupta

Meet Alpana Gupta, an accomplished blog writer and publisher known for her insightful content and captivating writing style. With a passion for diverse topics, Alpana brings a unique perspective to every piece, creating engaging and informative articles that resonate with readers. Explore a world of knowledge and creativity through Alpana's expertise

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