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What’s the Cooling Capacity of Rental Air Conditioners?

Are you looking for an efficient way to stay cool in Delhi without the high cost of buying a unit?Then  consider an AC on rent in Delhi. Whether you need a window AC on rent  for a small room or a split AC for rent in Delhi for larger spaces, renting is a flexible and economical option. Air conditioners on rent in Delhi offer the convenience of temporary cooling solutions during the hot months, without the commitment of a purchase.

From residential setups to office spaces, AC on rent Delhi services cater to all needs. So, if you’re thinking, “Where can I rent an AC in Delhi?” look no further. City Furnish Rental AC in Delhi is readily available to provide you with relief from the heat, ensuring your comfort with ease.

What Are the Types of Rental Air Conditioners Available?

Below are the types of Ac with its unique features: 

Type of AC

Ideal for

Unique Features

Split AC

Residential spaces

– Quiet operation, Energy efficiency, Aesthetic design, Improves air quality

Window AC

Smaller rooms or apartments

– Cost-effective, Compact size, Easy installation, Direct cooling

Portable Air Conditioners

Temporary needs or spaces without window access

– Mobility, No permanent installation, Dual functionality (cooling, dehumidifying), Variety of sizes

Tower AC Rental Service

Large spaces such as halls and events

– Powerful cooling capacity, Freestanding design, Features like variable fan speeds and timers, Aesthetic appeal

How to pick the right size AC for your space?

Choosing the right size air conditioner is critical to ensure efficient cooling without excessive energy consumption. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Measure the Room Area: The square foot of the space is calculated by identifying the length of the space then identifying the width then the length multiplied by the width. One may have to rent a higher BTU Split AC in Delhi to accommodate more area for the desired temperature.
  • Consider Room Height: A similar scenario applies to homes in North Delhi, South Delhi, or East Delhi and the rooms with high ceilings will require air conditioners of high cooling power as hot air rises.
  • Account for Sun Exposure: If the room receives sufficient natural light, particularly during the daytime during summer then one may need a higher cooling window AC on rent in Delhi to counter additional heat.
  • Check Insulation Quality: This means that improper insulation may result in a lot of heat transfer by the process of cooling. This will ensure that the houses which are better insulated can hold the cool air for a long hence relieving the heat of installing a more powerful AC.
  • Number of Occupants: This is because more people will produce more body heat. Tower AC rental service would be a reasonable choice if there are always many people in the space simultaneously, mostly in Delhi commercial atmosphere.

What Features Should I Look for in a Rental Air Conditioner?

To get the most out of your AC rental, consider these essential features:

When choosing a rental air conditioner in Delhi NCR, there are several features to consider that enhance performance, comfort, and convenience. Here are five essential features to look for:

Energy Efficiency

It is important to choose an energy-efficient model particularly as the temperature in Delhi during the summer can be very high. A Split AC on rent in Delhi or a window AC can enhance comfort and save huge electricity bills effectively.

Adjustable Fan Speeds

Fan speed regulation is a crucial function for comfort and noise levels in home environments. The vast majority of portable AC and Split AC models offer a variety of fan speeds for increased airflow customization.

Digital Temperature Control

A digital thermostat allows you to have more accurate temperature settings to help you deliver comfort easily. This is beneficial in tower AC rental services in maintaining the same levels of cooling throughout huge venues such as event halls or open areas within Delhi.

Dehumidifier Function

Considering that Delhi has a rather humid climate, an AC with a dehumidification feature will contribute to the feeling of cooling the room down further. This is a common feature available in many portable air conditioners that helps in removing the excess moisture in the space and makes it less humid.

Air Purification Filters

Incorporating air purifying filters with the air conditioner is an added advantage particularly in a city that has unhealthy levels of air pollution like Delhi. Some of these filters may filter out pollutants and allergens from the air used in the home. Split ACs and window ACs also include the use of advanced filters to ensure that the surrounding air is cleaner.

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How Does the Cooling Capacity of an Air Conditioner Affect My Comfort?

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner, measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), directly impacts how effectively it can cool a room. Here’s how:

AC Capacity (Tons)

Typical Coverage Area

Ideal Usage

Comfort Level

1 Ton

Up to 450 sq ft

Suitable for small rooms, like bedrooms or small offices in places like Delhi.

Provides adequate cooling for smaller spaces without overwhelming the area.

1.5 Tons

450-650 sq ft

Ideal for medium-sized residential rooms or small commercial spaces.

Balances efficiency and power, providing comfortable cooling without excessive energy use.

2 Tons

650-850 sq ft

Best for large rooms or small halls, especially in regions with high heat like Delhi NCR.

Delivers powerful cooling, capable of handling extra heat load from more occupants or electronic devices.

2.5 Tons

850-1200 sq ft

Suitable for larger halls, big office spaces, or event venues.

Ensures consistent cooling across larger areas, maintaining a uniform temperature throughout.


Renting an air conditioner in Delhi is a versatile and affordable solution for managing your cooling needs during the hot months. With the right unit, you can enjoy a comfortable environment without the long-term commitment of purchasing.

At Cityfurnish, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality air conditioner rental services across North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, and beyond. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and flexible rental options make us the go-to choice for temporary cooling solutions. Contact us today to find the perfect air conditioner that suits your needs and budget!


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