7 Most Useful Home Appliances For A Better Living

In today’s world, where mostly everything is dependent on gadgets and electronics, you ought to rely on electronics to have a better living. Just think about it, is it even possible to live a life usually or normally at this time and age, without using home appliances? These appliances have been helping you in ways that now you probably cannot function without them.

They perform major to minor household tasks with so much ease and convenience, and help you save you time, energy and efforts. Be it is washing clothes, cooking food, keeping your room temperature to a desired level or cleaning your house – there’s a home appliance for every household task or chore. Whether you have purchased all the expensive appliances or take the necessary home appliances on rent, each one plays an integral role.

Not only the time saving, using electronic instruments or home appliances reduces your stress level as the automaticity of these appliances lets you go about your daily routine without much struggle or hussle. In this article, we will discuss the 10 main and the most useful home appliances that you must-have for a better living.


A microwave is an appliance that you must have in your home. Microwave ovens are easily one of the most significant home appliances in the lives of many people. Both the old and the young people around the world use microwaves to cook food quickly or reheat food. However, it’s not just for warming food items anymore.

Microwaves have now become an essential appliance in almost every home. You come home from a long tiring day, and all you want is some quick food and there’s a microwave to help you out. Many new features have come such as convection technology have made the ovens more versatile, while other features like speed cook have helped in drastically reducing the cooking times.

At the moment, there are numerous brands available in the market with different features and functionalities. You can select the one which suits your requirements and if you have your heart on the one that you cannot afford, you can take microwave on rent at affordable costs.

Air Conditioner

Now that summer is around the corner, AC is a must in any house. To get through the screeching heat and the humidity during the rains, Air conditioner does wonders and let’s you live a better life. Air conditioning not only provides quality life but also has many health benefits, which we will discuss below in addition to providing you with extreme comfort.

These benefits of AC add up to a major improvement in your quality of life and can actually have a very substantial positive impact on your home. An air conditioner deals with these issues in a simple and effective way, which results in making yourself feel comfortable at home.

Did you know that the temperatures at which you are most comfortable are basically your optimum environmental range. This comfort zone is based on person to person and it tends to vary slightly. Some prefer a little extra cool temperature, while others get happy with a few degrees of extra warmth. With the benefits and the features, the price varies with AC brands too of course. You can always save some money and choose to take air conditioner on rent just for the summers.

Smart TV

Well, if you don’t have a TV in your house where is all your furniture pointed at? Everyone needs some entertainment in their lives. Imagine coming back home and wanting to relax while having a nice meal but not having an entertainment unit in your house. Meals feel incomplete without a TV.

Moreover, with TVs you get to stay updated with what’s going on around the world. Also, if you have kids, they also need their cartoons to keep themselves occupied. Decorate your living room with a nice and sleek smart TV. And if you’re in town only for a short while, take a smart tv on rent instead of wasting money on a purchase.


Whether you like it or not, this is the one appliance that we know we certainly cannot do without in our household. Over the course, the refrigerators have moved from a pretty standard basic, single sized designs, to these vast numbers of options with enormous amounts of features.

Earlier where everyone used to have the same kind of refrigerator with the same old design, now the same market has massive styles, designs, sizes, colors, types, and all with optional added features like TV monitors built right into the refrigerator’s doors, and many more exciting features.

To be honest, it is not practical to live without a refrigerator as it stores the food, keeps it fresh and saves the food from going bad. It also saves you the time and the headache of buying fresh food every single day. So, go out there and get a nice refrigerator on rent for your home to keep your food in a good condition.

Washing Machine

Now who wants the headache of washing all their dirty clothes with their bare hands and most importantly, who has that kind of time and energy. Everyone’s busy with work and other household chores that nobody wants to put efforts into washing a big chunk of clothes without a Washing machine.

Washing machines, in today’s world, are considered as the most reliable home appliances. If we talk about durability, it surely surpasses all other mechanical / electronic devices used in modern homes. The latest washing machines can be termed as – zero maintenance machines – because they require minimum maintenance if used appropriately.

Coffee Maker

For a coffee-lover, mornings without a cuppa coffee are incomplete. And imagine a household without a coffee maker, that goes through several pots of coffee in a single day. This appliance is extremely important to have at home because of its major benefits. With a coffee maker, various settings can be controlled i.e., the number of cups you want, the brewing strength, and some other advanced features along with a bean grinder and a timer to preset your morning coffee and keep it when it’s ready. It’s a must for a better and efficient living for all you working folks.

Vacuum Cleaner

Household cleaning can never be complete without a nicely working, cleaning partner i.e., a vacuum cleaner. This home appliance is essential to have not just at your home but in your offices and other business establishments as well because of its benefits. Whether you need to remove the dust off the carpet or get rid of the dust at the intricate concerns of your house, a vacuum cleaner will get the job done most quickly and easily.

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