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Summer Vacation Preparation Hacks: House Management & Security Tips for Travel

The wanderlust bug has bitten, and you’ve got a dream summer vacation on the horizon. But before living your best life on the beaches of Bora Bora, it’s time for some adulting. Securing your humble abode while you’re globetrotting is a must. From a friendly house sitter to smart home tech, use these insider tips to keep your home safe and sound until you return. With a little planning and prep, you can relax and soak up the sun knowing your house has your back. Now go have an epic adventure without worrying whether you left the oven on. Your home will be happy and snug as a bug waiting for your triumphant return.

Preparing Your Nuclear Family Home for Summer Vacation Traveling

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1- Make Arrangements for Milk, Mail and Newspaper Delivery

Before jetting off on your summer vacation, call your local post office and newspaper company to temporarily stop delivery. The last thing you want is an overflowing mailbox signaling you’re not home. Ask a trusted neighbor to collect any deliveries in your absence.

2- Adjust the Thermostat for an Empty Home

If you are travelling for summer vacation for more than a week, turning off the thermostat is the best option. In case you want to keep your house cool in the sweltering summer heat, adjust your thermostat to a higher set point, around 82 F, to avoid wasting energy. If you have a smart thermostat, you can control and adjust the temperature remotely using an app on your phone this summer vacation.

3- Unplug Appliances and Electronics

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Speaking of saving energy, unplug small appliances, electronics, and devices before leaving. Things like coffee makers, phone chargers, laptops, gaming consoles, washing machine, dish washer, microwave and TVs draw power even when idle or in standby mode. Unplug them to avoid overheating risks and reduce your energy bill this summer. Your summer vacation would feel even sweeter.

4- Clean Out the Refrigerator

A warm refrigerator full of spoiled food is no welcome home surprise once you are back home after a memorable summer vacation. Clean out perishable items from your fridge and either eat or discard them before traveling for summer vacation. For items with a longer shelf life, move them to the freezer. A clean, empty fridge prevents odors and mold growth in your absence.

5- Inform Trusted Contacts

Provide details of your trip to trusted contacts like close family, friends, and neighbors. Let them know when you’re leaving and returning, how to reach you in case of emergencies, and who will be responsible for things like pet care, lawn mowing, and package retrieval. Sharing trip details with your contacts gives you peace of mind that all bases are covered while you are enjoying your summer vacation.

6- Set Up Automatic Timers

Use timers to automatically control lights. Having lights turn on and off at varying times creates the illusion that someone is home. Timers are an easy, affordable way to make your home appear occupied even when you’re not there. This easy trick helps keeping away the intruders this summer vacation.

7- Arrange a House Sitter or Check-In Service

If you plan to be away on summer vacation for an extended time, consider hiring a house sitting service to handle tasks like watering plants, and cleaning. House sitters can stay at your residence to provide security and care for your home. If cost is a concern, see if a trusted friend or family member is available to stop by at least once a week to check on things.

8- Inform Emergency Contacts

Provide emergency contact information to your house sitter, neighbors, and anyone else who may need to access your home before starting your summer vacation. Include contact details for your homeowner’s insurance, utility companies, and any home security services. It’s also a good idea to prepare an emergency plan detailing how to handle any issues that could arise like plumbing leaks, electrical problems, or natural disasters.

9- House Cleaning Before Summer vAcation

A clean, clutter-free home is easier to maintain and a less inviting target for thieves. Do some deep cleaning before starting your summer vacation trip and take out the trash. Have your lawn mowed and yard work handled. And don’t forget to empty your fridge of perishable foods – there’s nothing worse than coming home to a stinky mess! Keeping your place tidy and fresh means you can start relaxing as soon as you return from your travels.

10- Arrange for Pet Care:

If you have pets, arrange for a trusted friend, family member, or pet sitter to care for them in your absence before travelling for your perfect summer vacation. Ensure they have enough food, water, and any necessary medications.

FAQs About Keeping Your Home Safe During Traveling Preparation

1- What should I do with my mail and newspapers?

While travelling for summer vacation, have the post office hold your mail and newspapers or ask a neighbor to collect them for you. The last thing you want is a pile of papers building up on your porch signaling you’re away. Newspapers and mail left out in the open also make it obvious your home is vacant.

2- How can I make my home appear occupied?

Use timers for lights, radios, and TVs to automatically turn them on and off at different times. Have a neighbor mow your lawn and take out the trash. You can also ask someone to occasionally park in your driveway or move your car to make it seem like people are coming and going. These tricks give the illusion your home is occupied and deter potential thieves. while you are away for summer vacation.

3- What temperature should I set my thermostat to?

Set your thermostat to a higher temperature in the summer or a lower temperature in the winter to avoid high energy bills while you’re gone. A good rule of thumb is to set the temperature 10-15 degrees higher in the summer or 10-15 degrees lower in the winter. Be sure to also turn off non-essential appliances to avoid overloading circuits. Save energy, save planet. Help your future generations as well while enjoying your summer vacation.

4- How do I prepare my home in an emergency?

Make sure trusted contacts have keys to your home in case of an emergency while you are travelling for summer vacation. Provide them information about your home security system, utility shutoffs, and insurance policies. You should also give emergency responders access to your home by adding emergency contact information to your security system. Take steps before leaving to ensure all systems like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly.

5- Should I tell anyone I’m going out of town?

Let trusted friends, family, and neighbors know you’ll be away and how long you plan to be gone. Provide them emergency contact information in case anything arises. Ask them to keep an eye on your home, pick up mail or newspapers, mow the lawn, or move your vehicle if needed. While you’re away, they can also alert you to any suspicious vehicles or activity at your home. The more people aware you’re away, the safer your home will be while your home is empty during summer vacation.

Take Away

You’ve covered all the bases – your home is secure, cared for, and ready for your travels. With doors locked, lights on timers, and neighbors on alert, you can hit the road with confidence, knowing your house is safe and sound. Though it takes some preparation, a little planning goes a long way in preventing problems and minimizing risks while you’re away. Implement these tips, then relax and enjoy your travels, resting assured your home is protected. Your house may miss you, but you’ve set it up for success. Just be sure to come back home when your adventure ends!


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