Ingredients of Perfect Family Time

Having quality family time on a daily basis doesn’t come very smoothly to us nowadays. While living this life-in-hurry, we miss many small and big family moments unintentionally. There are a few options we can try to remedy the situation to make some happy memories o cherish forever. Having at least one meal per day with the whole family is one of the easiest yet best solutions to this heart-breaking problem.

Perfect Meal

For a perfect family meal time, we need a perfect dining area. So how should we proceed and decorate? We can have a few kinds of preferences about the space, like- comfort, fun, spacious yet cosy, easily approachable, and reasonable in maintenance. Type of furniture, colours on the walls, carpets and rugs and the proper use of space can bring the best out of your dining area even if it is not very big. If we take a pause and observe, the perfect picture of a desired eating area would immediately flash in your mind and starting accordingly would be no trouble. For more clarity, you can also get inspiration from the personal choices of your family member.

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Surroundings Change Everything

Area could have been the same but if the wall colours, designs, show pieces and home furniture would have been that instead of this how it would have looked? Decor and interiors can change the feel and energy of any place. It mostly depends on the taste and usage of the people for whom the place has been decorated. Choose colours as per your personal preference or as per the usage of the area. Here, for the dining area, you can choose warm colours like- brown or red but in case you like light colours, by adding a wall-size poster related to your favourite food would be a great idea to bring out the X factor of the place.

Warmth Under Your Feet And For Your Eyes- By covering the ground we can invite some additional comfort to our home. Beautiful carpets and rugs are not only a feast for your eyes but after a long tiring day provides the much-deserved rest to your feet without any extra trouble. The longer you sit the happier you feel. Relaxing with awesome homemade food. What else does one need?

You Can Do It Traditional Or Modern

Our traditional sitting arrangement of eating is to sit on the floor and eat with hands in dished made with heavy metals like brass and copper. For modern sitting arrangement, we use dining tables with beautiful cutlery and crockery. Though it’s not a rule that while sitting down on the floor you cannot use the fancy crockery or on the dining table, heavy metal is not allowed. Again, it’s a matter of choice. Both arrangements have their own pros and cons. Like, metal dished take a long time to get cleaned and maintaining them is hard work. Plus sitting down might not suit elderly members of your family. Same way fragile crockery breaks now and then. Choose what you can handle easily. Or the best way is to bring a little from both sides and enjoy the fusion. All kind of dining, furnitures are available on rent online. Keep changing until you find the best choice. Even after finding the best that who says you cannot change again.

A Something For Everyone

A small book stand in the corner for a reader in the family, a proper set up to plug in music for music lovers, one or two small plants for those who live for nature. That’s how we can bring in a little something for everyone and make the place special individually yet keep it common and use so.

The Perfect Outcome

Once the decoration is complete and get the attention of every family member of the house, things would start rolling in their own. One meal per day with the family should be the must follow rule for everyone. After falling into this habit, you will realise that even living a hectic life can be fun as you still manage to get some quality family time. That to every day. You know exactly what is going on in everyone’s life. Gives you time to understand the challenges and daily life struggle from everyone’s point of view. Better understanding makes a better family.  Communication over a tasty meal is the most successful recipe to make a happy family.

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