7 Smart Ideas to Rearrange Your Bedroom

Bedroom– Your day starts and ends here and this room definitely deserves special attention. In this post, we will discuss few ideas to rearrange your bedroom in terms of convenience, storage and of course sleeping well and waking up delighted.

The Bed

Your room needs to have a bed to be considered as a bedroom. We use our beds more than any other furniture, in fact, an average human being spends ⅓ of life sleeping.

Studies suggest that most people should be able to fall asleep within 10-15 minutes if they are comfortable. If it’s taking you longer, you should probably question the quality and comfort of your bed or mattress.

Trouble falling asleep? Consider renting a bed from us. Comfortable mattresses too come with City Furnish’s Bed packages for rent.

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Bedroom Furniture on Rent

The Colour
Colours have a deep effect on our psychology and health. Studies have revealed that people with blue colour themed bedrooms get more sleep than other colours.

Next in the list are Yellow and Green. Painting your bedroom can transform the entire space at little cost. Light earth tones also evoke laid-back vibe in a bedroom.

You can also use decals and soothing background photographs to impart your bedroom a brand new personality.

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Bedroom Furniture on Rent

Experiment with a new configuration for your bedroom. Reposition the bed, wardrobe, and tables to see what feels great. A cluttered bedroom feels unwelcoming and may interfere with your sleep.

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Rearranging will also help you which items to discard from your bedroom. Try repositioning your bed for a pleasant view out the window.

Bedroom Furniture on Rent

Add Flair and Personality
Be extra thoughtful while introducing accessories into the bedroom. You can add something inspiring, for example, a photo or an artwork you want to wake up to.

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The bottom line is- your bedroom deserves to have a personality that reflects you. Try to introduce some gracious indoor plants to add to its beauty.

Bedroom Furniture on Rent

Storage Hacks

Smartly storing the items in your bedroom will help you to get a lot of space and less visual distraction.

Let’s save the elaborate storage hacks for later but to give you a headstart, you can try renting bed with storage, install a headboard shelf above your bed or even install shelves in the corners of the room.

Bedroom Furniture on Rent

Update the Bedding

Simply trying a bedspread can make the whole room feel different. Try contrasting colour with the background colour. You can also try curtain with colour that slightly offsets the room’s colour.

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Bedroom Furniture on Rent

The Bedside Table

If you love to read or a night owl, put your desk right next to the bed. It is always a good idea to keep the mobile phones and gadgets away while sleeping. It would serve you as a workspace as well as a place to keep that glass of water and your gadgets.

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Bedroom Furniture on RentThe bedroom is the place for rejuvenation and relaxation at the end of a great day. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive or sophisticated. It should be a space that functions well and makes you feel relaxed.

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