10 DIY Kitchen hacks which will do wonders

In this busy life, it is important to save some minutes from every task if you can so that you can become more productive. Apart from your office, a kitchen is the place where you spend your precious time in preparing dishes and doing other work.

You daily spend 3 to 4 hours of your day in your kitchen. Sometimes, you get stuck in some time-consuming tasks such as peeling vegetables, chopping, etc. What if you can use some kitchen hacks and do a complex task in the simplest manner? Isn’t it great?

Yes, there are some genius kitchen hacks which can save a lot of your time and can make your daily work easier. So, let’s have a look at these hacks:

Prevent tomatoes from rotting: Does it happen to you that after 2 to 3 days of buying tomatoes, they start rotting? If yes then it means you are not keeping them in a proper manner. Always keep tomatoes stem end down to prevent them from spoiling quickly.

Because air enters from this point which makes tomatoes more vulnerable to moisture. Also, it’s good to store tomatoes at room temperature than in the fridge.
Keep Bananas Fresh: When you buy a bunch of bananas, separate each banana and cover their ends with a plastic wrap. This helps in keeping them fresh for a longer time and prevents their ripening as the wrap blocks the release of ethylene gas.

Keep Potatoes White: To keep potatoes white, you should try covering them in cold water before cooking. It helps the spuds not to turn brown or grayish.

Check The Eggs: To check the raw eggs if they are edible or not just put them in a bowl of cold water. If the eggs sink to the bottom, it is fine & edible. But if the eggs float, it means it’s good days are over. It is older and not healthy.

Cleaning Kitchen Appliances: To clean the stainless steel utensils, use water and vinegar. They will do the magic and will make your utensils new. Forget expensive chemicals and just make use of a cloth & vinegar.

You can also use olive oil to refurbish & polish your appliances. And still, if the condition of your appliances is not improving, you can always rent home appliances in a brand new condition at a lower cost.

Speed Up Ripening: It is easy to transform bananas from green to yellow to peach. Just put the bananas into a paper bag and cover them fully. This will help in the quick ripening of this fruit.

Store chopped herbs in the refrigerator: Keep the chopped herbs fresh for a longer time by storing them in an ice-cube tray in water or olive oil. This will keep the herbs fresh and you can use them later in seasoning.
Prevent Cut Fruit from Browning: Mix one part of honey in three parts of water and use this mixture to keep your cut fruit. It will prevent the browning of the fruit by slowing down the oxidation process.

Use A Wooden Spoon: Have you ever thought that a wooden spoon can keep the pot from boiling over? But the spoon should be wooden. Keep the wooden spoon over your pot like a diameter line in a circle and see the miracle.

Peeling the Boiled Eggs: Does peeling eggs annoy you? Then apply this smart hack. Before boiling the eggs, add a half teaspoon of baking soda to the water. It will make the peeling process easier for you.

So, why going for a long route when you can use these time-saving and simple hacks. These smart kitchen hacks will surely do wonders and make your daily chores easier.

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