How To Make Your Rental Home Look and Feel Bigger

Moving to a new city and living in a rented home comes with many adventures. You learn to live independently, adjust in a new environment and become self-dependent. But, one thing which we all miss is living in a spacious home. When you rent an apartment, it is comparatively smaller than your home.

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If you miss that space then you can experiment with your home furniture to make your rental home look and feel bigger. Yes, home furniture can do wonders. It can beautify your space. You just need to know some tricks and apply them. So, here are some tips to transform your cramped apartment into a spacious one.

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Keep Distance From the Walls: When you keep furniture in a small room, you try to push that against the walls in order to use every bit of the space available. But, this practice should be avoided. The best way to make your space larger is to leave some inches between the wall and the furniture. This will make your room look more open.
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hoose Sofas and Chairs Wisely: If you are planning to get a sofa set or chairs for your apartment then always go for the ones with exposed legs. Box-shaped sofa set will reduce the space from your room and will give it a cramped look.

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So, you should always choose sofas and chairs with exposed legs. Renting a sofa can be a better decision as you can try few experiments and cut on your expenses as well.
Furniture and Home Appliances Arrangement Tips
Use a Mirror to Make Your Space Airier: This is a quick trick to make your room spacious and airier. Just place a mirror on a wall across the window of your room. It will reflect the light, thus, your room will look bigger and airier.

Furniture and Home Appliances Arrangement Tips
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Minimal Use of Decorative Items: Sometimes, adding a lot of small decorative items such as wall hangings, small gift pieces can disturb the calmness & beauty of your space.

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Instead of using these small items, go for a few larger art pieces such as large paintings, canvas, or indoor plants. It will give a decent & spacious look to your apartment. Try using a minimalist approach here.
Furniture and Home Appliances Arrangement Tips
Use Light Coloured Curtains: Using heavy and dark coloured curtains can make the room dull and look smaller. Light coloured curtains reflect light in the room and make the room airier.
Furniture and Home Appliances Arrangement Tips
Go for Furniture Packages: If you are still in doubts of selecting the right home furniture for your apartment which will also make it look bigger then you should try furniture packages. Furniture packages cover each and every type of home furniture that will be required for your room.

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These packages are designed to fulfill your needs. If you don’t want to do any research and looking for a quick solution then go for furniture rental packages.

Who doesn’t want to live in a spacious home? These tips can surely help you to make your rental home fee larger and spacious. Just do some experiments with your furniture, apply these tips and feel the magic.

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