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Washing Machine - Fully Automatic Front Load

Pick a preferred tenure (In Months)
Monthly Rent 850.00
Refundable Deposit 1900.00
local_shipping Shipped In:
4-7 days
Min Rental Tenure
3 Months

Rent a washing machine which has front loading and a fully automatic system. The washing machine comes with a variety of settings, helping you to wash away all your dirty clothes while saving time and energy. The washing machine you buy, on rent from us; has a clean body which does not allow rusting, compact and adds sophistication to your home.

Warranty and Appliance Care: If your product stops working during the rental period, Cityfurnish team will repair or replace the product at no additional cost. Issues due to mishandling of the product are not covered. It is recommended to use a voltage stabilizer if there are voltage fluctuation issues at your location.


size Size 6 Kg
loyaltyBrand LG/Samsung/Videocon/IFB/Onida/Electrolux

The front load and fully automatic washing machine on rent from Cityfurnish has a front load fully automatic functionality having a capacity of 6kg making it a necessary home appliance for the newly married couples or a bachelor pad. Enjoy the freshness of clean clothes every day. The fully automatic washing machine helps save water and works efficiently.

The washing machine on rent provided to you by Cityfurnish is in a mint new condition, does not have any defects and free from repairs. By buying a washing machine on rent, you save a lot of money because we provide you with free delivery, free maintenance and free relocation if you’re shifting to a new place (where we operate in); we’re just a call away.

Washing Machine on Rent

Nobody likes to waste his/her time doing laundry over the weekend. It takes a lot of time and effort when you have to; first, soak clothes in a bucket of water and detergent, then, beat the hell out of your clothes in order to get rid of those stubborn stains! What we want is, to have a relaxing weekend to get away from our “adulthood responsibilities”. Obviously, a huge bundle of clothes must have piled up on “that chair” in your room. Nobody wants to look at it until we’re out of clean clothes. Imagine washing a huge load of dirty and smelly laundry, including your denim and beautiful linen tops and shirts, requiring an extra hand to wash them on your own! You ask your maid to do the laundry and she ends up tearing and damaging those clothes; then to top it off, she complains to you! You can do nothing about it cos she’s your maid and you really need her! The laundry services are the same and demand a lot of money. To get away with this situation you think of buying a semi-automatic or a fully automatic washing machine. But, they’re expensive and the hassle to find the perfect washing machine is a hustle!

Why is Washing Machine Rental a smart decision?

Why is Washing Machine Rental a smart decision?

When at the electronics outlet, you realize that the cost of buying, setting up and maintaining, a washing machine is too damn high for your budget! You ask your friends to help you in such a situation, then one of your friends suggest you to try renting appliances from Cityfurnish. Let me tell you, your friend is a genius! Renting a washing machine is the smartest way to save money and the hassle to set up the washing machine in your home. If you rent a washing machine, you save the extra transportation cost for delivery, the travelling expenses in locating a trusted dealer, the set up and installation cost, maintenance and repair cost too; and the washing machine doesn’t even last that long!

But, if you go for a rented washing machine; you need not bear the cost of transportation/delivery, you can select online while sitting in the comfort of your home, you get choices to select the type of washing machine you need according to your requirements; you can rent a Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine or a Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine and even a Semi Automatic Washing Machine  for rent. One can rent a Top Load Washing Machine for 6 months and the rest 6 months rent a Front Load Washing Machine. It is that flexible!


Why Renting a Washing Machine a better decision than Buying?

The most hazardous concern in India is “Pollution”. If you rent a washing machine and various other home appliances then you’re sharing the economy; and saving the environment too! The washing machine you buy for some thousands of rupees will not be of equivalent worth in comparison of the money you spent on it. The washing machine will last for 5-6 years and then it’s a waste. It’ll either be put in a corner or given to a scrap dealer for some hundred bucks! During the 5-6 years, you spend on it repairs after its warranty is over! If you buy a washing without knowing your requirements, you just can’t get it exchanged or just go buy another washing machine! But, if you rent a washing machine, then you can get it exchanged if your usage has changed or you do not find the current rented washing machine catering to your needs.

Once you rent a washing machine, then the delivery and installation of the rented washing machine will be accomplished by our in-house efficient delivery team, that too free of cost. You need not worry about the maintenance and repair of the rented washing machine. You just give us a call and the hassle part will be taken care by us.

These are just a few reasons, Renting sets you free and saves a huge part of your hard earned income while giving you a chance to be flexible.


Why Rent a Washing Machine from Cityfurnish?

When you rent a washing machine from Cityfurnish, you get to experience various benefits like; free delivery and installation, free maintenance, hassle free relocation of the appliances and furniture rented from us, if you’re moving to a different city (where we operate in), damage waiver and the best high end branded washing machines on rent. The washing machine on rent provided by us is in a mint new condition-as good as new, free from any defects allowing you to experience a hassle free wash. We do all this in just 72hours from the time of payment of the 1st month’s rental + the refundable deposit and document verification. If by any chance, the washing machine stops working or if it’s not working efficiently; then, we’ll provide you with a free swap on the rented washing machine. You just have to give us a call if you face any issues with payments or the rented appliances. Our well qualified team shall resolve your problem in no time.

Why wait? Rent a washing machine from Cityfurnish and discover a new hassle free way to live, peacefully.

Rent per month ₹850.00